1.  It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms of the Hotel Pousada Papaya Verde.
  2. The breakfast is being served from 7.30 - 10.00 hours
  3. The arrival day is charged as a complete daily room rate. The check-out time is 11.30 AM.
    Check-out after 11.30 AM will be charged as an additional daily room rate.
  4. The daily room rate has to be paid in advance, in Brazilian currency Reais
    We do not accept credit cards, debit cards or cheques.
  5. The management has the right to withhold the luggage of clients who deny payment.
    (Art. 776, no. 1 Código Civil Brasileiro).
  6. The Pousada does not take responsibility for items of value in the rooms and premises of the Pousada.
  7. Before leaving the room, please close the taps, switch of the Air-conditioning, ventilator, TV and light. Thank you.
  8. Any damages caused by our guests to objects or installations of the Pousada will be charged to the responsible clients, accordingly to the Código Civil Brasileiro.
  9. Animals are not allowed to stay at the Pousada.
  10. The clients are obliged to respect the law of silence (Art. 42 Código Civil Brasileiro).
  11. It is not allowed to iron clothes in the rooms, please use our laundry service.
  12. Visitors are only permitted in the rooms after filling out a registration form (by themselves) and presenting a valid id-card or passport. An extra charge of 40, - Reais per visitor/day has to be paid in advance.
  13. The room key has to be left at the reception desk when leaving the premises of the Pousada.
  14. Hotel guests disrespecting the rules of the house may be asked to leave the Pousada, being obliged to pay the outstanding bills for the entire period of the reservation.

  • A How do I make a reservation?
    A reservation can be made personally, by telephone or via e-mail. To make a confirmed Reservation a 50% deposit of the total amount of the stay has to be paid in advance.
  • B What if  I cancel a reservation?
    If you cancel a reservation 15 days or more in advance, we will return 30% of your deposit.
    If you cancel with less than 15 days notice, your deposit will not be returned. In case of cancellation of packages, we will return 30% of your deposit if you cancel your reservation 30 days or more in advance, if you cancel with less than 30 days notice, your deposit will not be returned.
  • C In case I make a reservation of "5" days and later on decide to stay only "2" days?
    In this case the reservation will be charged for the entire period of the intended stay, whatever the motive for the earlier departure may be.
  • D What is the additional fee for other adults or children staying in the same room?
    Children under 5 years of age do not have to pay an additional fee (valid for one child per room).
    Children from 5 to 12 years of age pay an additional fee of 25% of the daily room rate.
    Children older than 12 years and adults/visitors pay an additional fee of 40, - Reais daily
    (package deals will be charged differently).